Alcatraz Canyon 31 May 2014

Walks from the top of the Alctraz (Deep Throat) waterfall to the bottom with cliff and valley sights inbetween
DSC00095  View to Lurline Jack DSC00097 DSC00099  First view of stream DSC00100
DSC00101 DSC00102  Down to the waterfall DSC00103 DSC00104
DSC00105 DSC00106 DSC00107 DSC00108  The waterfall
DSC00109 DSC00110  The remnants of Alcatraz DSC00111 DSC00112  The abseiling wall from the bottom
DSC00113  Other remnants of Alcatraz DSC00114  Towards the bottom of the waterfall DSC00115 DSC00116  The waterfall
DSC00117  Full force DSC00118  Sylvan view of the force DSC00119 DSC00120
DSC00121  View of the fall DSC00122  The group Ann, Vicky, Helen, Roger, Margaret, Karin, Jo and John