Dargans Arch - Goochs Crater 27.12. 2015

Dargans Arch - Wollangambe River - Goochs Crater - Bell
PC270001  Dargan's Arch PC270003 PC270004 PC270005
PC270006 PC270007 PC270008 PC270009  Canyon from the Arch
PC270012  Flannel Flowers PC270013  View  north after crossing river PC270015  Sand pile by the Clarence Colliery PC270016  To Goochs
PC270017 PC270018  The Gooch Sentinels PC270019  Mud stalacmite PC270020  Sandra, Joe, John, Karin, Deb, Don
PC270021  Hole in the roof from below PC270031  Looking down the hole PC270022  Gooch's Crater PC270023
PC270025  Lunch in the cave PC270027 PC270028 PC270029
PC270030 PC270032  To the canyon PC270033 PC270034  Canyon waterfall
PC270035  Wollangambe River - note the film