Deep Pass - Yah Hut (near Natural Bridge) 6 May 2017

Deep Pass - Deep Pass Natural BridgeTrail - Yah (Guzzlers) Hut Trail - return
P5060002  Deep Pass P5060003  Morning Tea Group 1 P5060004  Morning Tea Groups 1 & 2 P5060005  Top of teh Standley Chasm
P5060006 P5060007 P5060008  Can't see the Chasm? P5060010  Way to Natural Bridge
P5060011  Karin, Sandra. John. Anna. James. Don. Sunny. Bill P5060012 P5060015  Towards Deep Pass P5060016  Bath Tub
P5060017  Site of Hut P5060018 P5060019  Old Stove P5060020  Boil the Billy?
P5060021  Sunny inspecting the site P5060022 P5060023 P5060024
P5060025  Pagoda nearby P5060026  Clay water pipe P5060027  Perished hose P5060028  Clay down pipe (blurry)
P5060029  Anna by water fall for drinking P5060030  Rover Car c. 1950 P5060032  Car P5060042
P5060034  Laundry Trough P5060035 P5060037  The setting P5060038  Bowl of washing machine
P5060039 P5060043  Diggings? P5060045  Filled in digging? P5060046  Towards Deep Pass
P5060047  To Deep Pass P5060048  Down the slot P5060050  End of Chasm