Edenderry Falls Day Out 8-11-2014

Evans Lookout - Rodriguez Pass - Edenderry Falls - Horse Track - Lizard Rock - Evans Lookout
DSC00865  View from Beauchamp Falls DSC00866  Lizard Rock DSC00867  Beauchamp Falls DSC00868  Down from the Falls
DSC00869  Pool from Rodriguez DSC00872  Morning Tea at the crossing DSC00873 DSC00874  On the way down
DSC00875  Towards Edenderry DSC00876  Blackwall Glen DSC00877 DSC00878  Edenderry Falls
DSC00880  What's that ?  a strange fish DSC00883  Our time in the sun DSC00884  A contemplative moment DSC00885  Edenderry Falls
DSC00886  Some real bush furniture DSC00887  Joe preparing for the way  up DSC00888  Roger and Tim cooling off DSC00889  View from the tail of Lizard Rock
DSC00891  Anyone home? DSC00892  Beuachamp Falls from Lizard Rock DSC00893  Blackwall Glen from the top DSC00894  Lockleys Pylon
DSC00895  Mount Banks