Genowlan - Harold's (the Ultimate ) Slot

Col RIbaux's place - Genolwan Trig - Valley of the Dinosaurs - Harold's Slot - return
DSC01596  Col Ribaux's Place DSC01597  Col Ribaux DSC01598  On the track up DSC01599  First signs
DSC01602 DSC01603  Mount Airly? DSC01604  Near the top DSC01605  First pagodas
DSC01606 DSC01607  Namaste on top of the world DSC01608 DSC01609  Pantoney's Crown
DSC01610  View from morning tea DSC01611  Mount Piper in the distance DSC01612  Morning Tea DSC01613  Down to the dinosaurs
DSC01614 DSC01615 DSC01616  The final leg DSC01617  Ferns in the Valley
DSC01618 DSC01619  The Valley of the Dinosaurs DSC01620 DSC01621  T. Rex overnighter
DSC01622 DSC01623 DSC01624 DSC01627  Out of the valley
DSC01628  Shark with flair DSC01629  At the top DSC01630 DSC01631  Inching arouind to the slot
DSC01632  Genowlan Mountain DSC01633  Down to the slot DSC01636  Harold Thompson's  - The Ultimate Slot DSC01637
DSC01638 DSC01641  View to the beginning DSC01642  Joe with sculpture DSC01644  Namaste, James, Joe, Anna, John, Sandra, Kate, Joe, Karen, Don, Bill, Chris - all accounted for