Govetts-Perry's 30.07.2016

Govett's Leap - Bridal Veil Falls - Junction Rock - Acacia Flat - Pperry's Lookdown
P7300085  Rahm, Paul, Rogo, Dave, Joe, Sheila, Kate P7300086  Grose Valley P7300088  Bridal Veil Falls P7300090  Below the falls
P7300091 P7300092 P7300093  Trinity Falls P7300094  Morning Tea
P7300095  Towards Junction Rock P7300096 P7300098  Govetts Creek P7300099
P7300100  Fortress Falls P7300101 P7300103  Lockleys P7300106  To Blue Gum
P7300107 P7300108 P7300110 P7300111  The Log walkers return
P7300113  Nearly at Perrys! P7300114  Mt Hay at the top P7300115  Mt Banks at the top