Jungle Track

Govetts Leap - Jungle Track Loop - Govetts Leap
DSC01179  Grose Valley in early morning DSC01180  Official sign DSC01181  Horseshoe Falls DSC01182  Yabby at Horseshoe Falls
DSC01183  Horseshoe Falls DSC01184  View towards Lockleys DSC01185  Along the track DSC01186  Fern forest
DSC01188  Horsedhoe Falls from the loop DSC01189  Old mans beard? DSC01190  Popes Glen Creek DSC01191  Waterfall at bottom of the loop
DSC01192  Lunch time DSC01193  Yabby at lunch DSC01194  Lunch time 2 DSC01195  Lunch time Waterfall
DSC01197  Official recognition DSC01198  Govetts Leap Lookout from the track DSC01199 DSC01200  Pulpit Rock on the way back
DSC01201  Lockleys to Boorong Crags