Kanimbla Valley 2016

Berghofers Pass - Mount Victoria - Kanimbla Ridge - Kanimbla Valley - Little Zig Zag - Bushrangers Cave - Mt Victoria
DSC02009  Berghofer inscription DSC02011  Boundary of Blue Mountains and Blaxlandshire DSC02012  Victoria Pass DSC02014
DSC02016  Kanimbla Valley DSC02017  Are we talking? P1070736 comp  First spine DSC02019  The Stockade
DSC02020  Inside the stockade DSC02021 DSC02022  View from morning tea DSC02023  Will U Marry Me
DSC02024  Kanimbla Ridge DSC02025  The property DSC02026  The Group DSC02028
DSC02029  Kanimbla Spine P1070737 comp DSC02031  Kanimbla Valley DSC02032  original post boxes
DSC02034  View from Zig Zag DSC02035  Bushrangers Cave DSC02036  Inside the cave DSC02037  Looking out