McDonald Mountain 1-11-2014

McDonald Mountain Hole Road - The Bunk House - McDonald Mountain - return
DSC00855 DSC00835  The leader surveys the territory DSC00836  Typical woodland at the base DSC00838  The eagles nest
DSC00839  View from the eagles nest DSC00840  Rocks near the top DSC00841  First glimpse of grass tree forest DSC00843  A way up
DSC00845  Capertee Valley DSC00846  More pagodas DSC00847  Another nest ? DSC00848  Into the grass trees
DSC00849 DSC00850 DSC00851  Is this a dalek? DSC00852
DSC00854  Hole in the rock? DSC00858  Tae -an Pic DSC00859  Margaret supporting the rock DSC00860  More grass trees
DSC00861  pagoda and trees DSC00862  Mt Airly and Genowlan DSC00863  Farewell to the grass trees DSC00864  Everlasting daisies on the railway embankment