Mount York and surrounds Sunday16 April 2017

Berghofers Pass - Mount York Road - Mount York - Hartley Valley - Megalong Cemetery
P4150001  View of Hartley Valley from the Pass P4150002  Old boundary line between Blue Mountains and Blaxland shire P4150003  ANother view of the green valley P4150004  Horse and Dog Trough
P4150005  View from Bartills Lookout P4150006 P4150007  Mohnt York road P4150008
P4150009 P4150010 P4150011  Hartley Vale P4150012  Mount York from the bottom
P4150013  Megalong Cemetery P4150014  Any relation? P4150016 P4150018  Traveller pause as you pass by    As you are now, so once was I  What I am now, you soon maybe   PrepareThyself to follow me.