Newnes 21 May 2016

Newnes - Old Baldy Track -Pipeline Pass
DSC02246  Old Baldy DSC02247  Mystery Mountain DSC02248  Along the track DSC02250  The Zephyrs
DSC02251  Guest Lodges DSC02252 DSC02254  Up the Pass DSC02255  Old tripod support
DSC02256  tree to somewhere? DSC02257  Sheila in the picture DSC02258  Upper Wolgan Valley DSC02260  Towards Newnes
DSC02261  The Group at the Lookout DSC02262  Lunchtime view of Capertee Valley DSC02266  Remains? DSC02269  Wolgan River
DSC02270  Remains? DSC02271  Lyrebird Display DSC02273 DSC02275