Pantoney's Crown 11-10-2014

Dominic Della Libera - Grevilllea Ridge - Troll's Bridge - Pantoney's Crown - the further end - return
DSC00676  Pantoney's Crown DSC00674  Rogo relaxing before the ordeal DSC00675  Grass trees DSC00677  Rogo giving directions to Frank and John
DSC00678  A real Grass Tree Ridge DSC00679  Mornng Tea before the Cliff Line DSC00680  The view from Morning Tea DSC00681  John M at morning tea
DSC00682  Capertee Valley DSC00683  Frank and Josie surveying the way DSC00684  made it at the first climb DSC00685  Wax Flowers on the way
DSC00686  Big bushes of wax flowers DSC00687  The crack with Elaine L DSC00688  Rock Orchids on the way up DSC00689  Final ascent
DSC00690  John on top DSC00691  Not the way up DSC00692  Typical pagoda scenery on top DSC00693  Elaine at the very top with Rogo conducting
DSC00694  Looking towards Mt McLean DSC00695  The other side DSC00696  A natural trig point DSC00697  Ball Bone Point
DSC00698  Pagodas on the Mt McLean side DSC00699  Typical vegetation DSC00700  The way down! DSC00701  John and Rogo at the camp spot
DSC00702  Capertee Valley DSC00703  Capertee Valley DSC00704  Grass tree sentinels to welcome us back DSC00707  More Grass trees
DSC00705  This is what we climbed DSC00706  This was the way up