Perrys to Govetts 28 -6 -2014

Perrys Lookdown - Blue Gum Forest - Acacia Flat - Govetts Creek - Bridal Vale Falls - Govetts Leap
DSC00261  Mt Hay  from Perrys DSC00262  Blue Gum Forest DSC00263  Govetts Creek DSC00264
DSC00265  Fortess Rock DSC00268  The Group DSC00269 DSC00270  Junction Rock
DSC00271  Junction Rock DSC00272  Govetts Leap Brook DSC00273  Govetts Leap Brook DSC00274  Bridal Veill Falls
DSC00275 DSC00276  The Grose Valley DSC00277  Pulpit Rock and the Grose Valley DSC00279  The Falls from near the top