Scimitar Slot

Old Coach Road - Scimitar Slot - Celestial Cave - Aborigianal Hand Stencils
P5140001 P5140002  In the slot P5140003 P5140004
P5140008 P5140009 P5140010 P5140011
P5140012  Under the Cliffs P5140013 P5140014 P5140015  Towards Rock Island
P5140016  Anna on the Pinnacle P5140017  Lunch time view P5140018  In the snooze! P5140019  Out for the count!
P5140020 P5140021 P5140022  In teh Celestial Cave P5140023
P5140024  Looking out of the Cave P5140025 P5140026 P5140027
P5140029  Eva, Bill, Don, Karin, Dave, Roger, Sandra, John, Margaret, Joanna, Chris, Anna