The Loop Blackheath 4-01-2015

Centennial Road - Colliers - the loop - part Porters Pass - Colliers - return
DSC00974  Down into the valley DSC00975  occupant was missing DSC00976  Near the bottom DSC00978  Near a creek
DSC00979  laddie on the ball (stick) DSC00980  A great walker DSC00981  Coming up to Porters Pass DSC00982
DSC00984  Stream near the top of the loop DSC00985 DSC00986 DSC00988  Colliers walk under the cliffs
DSC00990 DSC00992 DSC00993  Coming up DSC00994  The grotto
DSC00995  Group resting before the last up DSC00996  View of the Kanimbla Valley DSC00997  Final view of the valley