Valley of the Diamond Cave 2017

Sunnyside Ridge - Fire trail 5.5 - Valley - Pagodas -Diamond Cave - Fire Trail 6
DSC03129  Where we will be going DSC03130 DSC03131  pagoda  at the top DSC03132  Slot down
DSC03135  The valley DSC03136  under the cliffs DSC03137  The pool - good water DSC03138  The waterfall
DSC03139 DSC03141  First pagoda from rock climb DSC03142  View from pagoda - angel's wings DSC03143
DSC03144  More fantastic shapes DSC03145 (1)  Hole in the rock DSC03146 (1)  marajuana plantation DSC03147 (1)
DSC03148  Our leader DSC03149  Diamond Cave DSC03150  Diamond Cave DSC03151  Diamond Cave
DSC03152  Slot to the top? DSC03153  Cake Cave