Zig Zag Railway Sunday 17 July 2016

Zig Zag Station - Clarence - rail track back to Zig Zag
P7170055  Zig Zag Station main line P7170053  Railway sheds P7170056  Scrap metal pile from fires P7170057
P7170059  Our group P7170060  The first obstacle - wet feet P7170061  Zig Zag from above P7170062
P7170063  Thomas the Tank Engine P7170064  Our lunch spot P7170065  First Tunnel from Clarence P7170066
P7170067  End of the tunnel P7170068  The Dining Car luinch of course! P7170069  Dining Car! P7170071  First viaduct
P7170072  All three viaducts P7170073 P7170074 P7170075  Top Points Station
P7170076 P7170078  Back down P7170079 P7170080  last tunnel
P7170081 P7170082  Nearly there